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Rayon Bamboo

The beauty of bamboo.

Taken further.


Rayon Bamboo gives you more of what you want for your kiddo's clothes. The temperature regulating properties help it keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s highly sweat-absorbent and moisture-wicking nature makes it great for almost every activity. So, stop filling your bag with unnecessary different outfits and multiple different layers. 
Make going out easier. Make life more enjoyable.

Why Rayon Bamboo?

Jones Cruizers were built to empower your children and gives them the freedom they need to stay creative while still feeling the comfort they recognize from home. It's through straightforward, practical clothing made of natural materials that are going to help you create the best parenthood experience and provide the best childhood your kiddo could ask for. 

The benefits

Harder, better, faster, stronger.


Cruizers were crafted with Rayon Bamboo to be extremely durable yet breathable. 
Let your kiddo explore. Let them adventure. Let them get dirty.
No matter how many times you wear or wash it,
Cruizers are meant to endure.

The things your kiddo needs.

Right in your Cruizer.

With the new Cruizer, the things that matter are now more beautifully integrated than ever. Those with sensitive skin or allergies can experience new comfort with Rayon Bamboo's luxuriously soft feel and antibacterial/hypoallergenic properties. It's resistance to bacterias and odors help you keep the Cruizer staying fresher for longer. Less work. More play


No pill, no problem.

Specially Knit

Experience a Cruizer with fabrics that have been carefully woven with a tight twill weave to reduce pilling and aging on the garment. Fewer trips to the clothing store, more trips to the park. Enjoy getting back to the things that matter - Creating an amazing childhood accompanied by an unforgettable parenthood

Image by J Williams

The clothes your kiddo wears everyday, made extraordinary.

Cruizer helps you worry less about picking the right clothes for your kiddo by integrating Rayon Bamboo. This carefully chosen material and its thermal regulating properties help keep your kiddo warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Along with its breathability and flexibility, Cruizer's ability to wick moisture and absorb sweat makes it perfect for almost any activity.


Temperature Regulating




Jones Cruizer

Experience the power of the freedom. Everyday.

With Rayon Bamboo

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