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Our Story

The Passion.

We wanted to find ours.


Over the years we've developed a love for working with and caring for children as swim instructors, pre-school teachers, day-camp leaders, nannies, and babysitters. We've learned that kids are, well, they're kids and not adults. The tantrums, the spit-up, the whack sleep schedules, the unwillingness to get clothed, the spills, the peed pants, and the pooped diapers. And although you can't stop your kiddo from doing any of these things, we wanted to create something that would make parenting easier.

The answer: Clothing.

1. Create a piece of clothing that's super-soft yet cozy.

2. Remove unwanted snaps, zippers, and buttons.

3. Have fashion meet function.

4. Be super practical for the parent and the kiddo.

5. Use flexible and breathable material that's safe.

6. Design and manufacture locally in Vancouver.

The goal.

Provide straightforward, durable yet comfortable Canadian-made clothing by getting back to the basics for an accommodating parenthood: A Simple product line and a much better product. We're Making childhood fun and parenthood more enjoyable again.

Whatever the parenthood struggles are. No matter how you parent. No matter your situation. We want our products to be there for you. To help create a better childhood full of fun-filled memories for your kiddo and the most enjoyable parenthood that you can cherish forever.

The purpose.

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